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Since 1995, Elgin Transmission has become St. Thomas and Elgin County's most trusted transmission repair facility.

Our reputation has been built on expertise, training, honest advice, and name brand parts.

We are a full-service repair and rebuild facility located in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Honest, Quality Work at Affordable Prices

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Kathryn & Jamie Weisler

Whether you notice any leaks or fluid loss, harsh gear changes, or noises that change at different vehicle speeds, the personal contact and straight-forward advice you receive from Jamie and his team will bring you peace of mind.

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(519) 633-3134

Name Brand Parts

Certified Class "A" Mechanics

State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Equipment

Automatic Transmissions

Complete Drive Line Service & Repair

Computer-controlled Drive Line Components

Manual Transmissions & Clutches

All-Wheel Drive and 4x4

Commercial & Fleet Vehicles

Rebuild and Repair

Custom Hot Rod Builds

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