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About Elgin Transmission

Family owned and operated by Jamie and Kathryn Weisler, Elgin Transmission was founded in 1995 with the promise to bring personal contact and peace of mind to what can be a mysterious and expensive part of your vehicle to maintain and service.

Having established a reputation for honest, quality work at affordable prices, Elgin Transmission has continued to grow, moving into their current, larger facility at 240 Edward Street in 2005.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from customers understanding the "what" and "why" of the repair process. By dealing directly with Jamie, you know exactly how your vehicle is being repaired. And, through quality name-brand parts, dedication to training, state-of-the-art equipment, attention to detail, and honest advice, you are assured of a job that Jamie will stand behind.

Training & Professional Associations

Jamie and his staff of Certified Class-A Mechanics attend numerous courses and seminars each year for training on the latest systems and emerging technologies.

Automatic Transmission Service Group
Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide
AC Delco training


Elgin Transmission was one of the first independent repair facilities in St. Thomas to have a recycling program in place.


We are proud members of the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce, the St. Thomas Executives Association, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Follow your dentist's advice

Like the dentist, few people look forward to a visit to a transmission repair facility.

Fortunately, the best advice from your dentist can also apply to your vehicle:

Prevention - Just as brushing your teeth can reduce the chances of a cavity, proper maintenance goes a long way to reducing the chances of a major transmission repair. Follow the recommendations in the Owner's Manual, and ask us if you have any questions.
Take care of the small problems - Cavities are not fun, but root canals are even less fun. Just as cavities don't go away on their own, your vehicle won't fix itself. Catching a small problem early is often much easier and less expensive!
Choose someone you can trust - Whether choosing a dentist or transmission repair facility, you want someone professional, well trained, who has the best technology, and offers advice you can trust.
Jamie Weisler (right) with Bill Walters (left), Mayor of Central Elgin
Central Elgin Mayor Bill Walters (l) with Jamie Weisler (r)
Elgin Transmission was the recipient of the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce Free Enterprise Award
Welcome to Elgin Transmission
Welcome to Elgin Transmission
Knowledgeable staff
Knowledgeable staff
4 bays to serve you
Four bays to serve you

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